Discover the inspiration behind Amman in the Sky – a visionary concept bringing together the elite for an unforgettable experience Our mission is to create moments that transcend the ordinary, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime


The concept is the first in the Middle East, its list of the 10 most unusual restaurants in the world Considered as a new and innovative experience Additionally, you can treat your taste to an elevated dining adventure where exquisite cuisine meets breathtaking views suspended between the clouds Dinner in the sky seats 22 people around a bar-table, secured by a six-point strap system on comfortable seats capable to rotating 180 degrees Suspended 50 meters above the ground, our professional staff will ensure that you and your guests can celebrate your own individual event with unbeatable views From the golf course to the towering skyscrapers of Amman and the sparkling lights scattered throughout the city



It's wonderful to know that we can enjoy a unique dining experience through Amman in the Sky, found in the skies of Amman by Actior Creative Space The concept of dining while suspended in the sky is truly an unusual and unforgettable idea Operating the restaurant for 7 months with 12 sessions per day is an amazing achievement, providing more opportunities for individuals to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience Collaborating with renowned chefs from important hotels and serving delicious meals from our luxurious kitchen adds an extra touch of luxury and quality to the overall experience It's great to know that attention is given not only to the environment surrounding the suspended restaurant but also to the culinary aspect, ensuring that visitors receive a delightful and satisfying meal during their thrilling dining experience The fact that Amman in the Sky has found a place in Amman, a city known for its innovation and luxury, is evidence of how well the concept aligns with the dynamic and rapidly evolving atmosphere of the city It's a fantastic addition to Amman's diverse array of experiences

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Combined scenery, unforgrttable moments, with uniqe fine flavours

and join us 65 meters hight in amman jorden