1How Many People Can Sit Around the Table?
Amman in the Sky table can sit a maximum of 22 people per session.
2What Happens If It Rains BEFORE the Experience Takes Place?
The organizers have the rights to delay the experience/ flight of the table (at the organizers’ discretion but with a maximum delay of 90miniutes) to wait for the rain to stop If the rain still does not stop during or after this time, the dinner experience will be Cancelled or reschedule and refund policy will be as follow for people who have weather insurance: A full refund will apply to their credit/debit card within maximum of 21 days For people who doesn’t have weather insurance: A voucher with the same value will be issued to be used at the current event duration.
3What If I Have to Use the Restroom?
All guests are recommended to use the restroom prior to taking their seats However, if there is an emergency and you need to use the restroom during your flight, the platform table will be lowered, but you will not be able to continue the flight session.
4Can I Bring My Children?
Yes, they can if they meet the minimum requirements as follow, Minimum height of 110cm Shall be accompanied by an adult Can follow the general guidelines mentioned in the terms and conditions Do not disturb any other guests
5Is Smoking Allowed?
Amman in the sky Jordan is a non- smoking event for safety reasons.
6Is There Any Dress Code?
Amman in the sky is a breathtaking life experience, your clothing at that time should be at the least you worry about As a result, you should get dressed comfortably and warm during cold & breezy nights, while you could think of avoiding skirts, Abaya and open shoes.
7Can I Bring My Own Food And/or Drinks?
We strictly prohibit outside food or drinks to be brought into the event area.