Terms & Conditions 

Terms & Conditions 

Visitors and users (hereafter referred to as the Customer) of Amman in the Sky , Amman Online Reservation System on the Internet (hereafter referred to as System) agree to comply with the following terms of use (hereafter referred to as Terms) before any purchased of seats: The Organizer (Amman in the sky) shall have the right to amend the Terms of use of the System by publishing the relevant information/news in the https://ammaninsky.com/

Definitions and Interpretation

 ’Seats’ refers to the seats on the Amman in the sky platform ‘Event’ refers to the Amman in the sky experience, which will be held at a venue in respect of which we have the right to sell your seats Evidence (including electronic/online purchases) for our event sold by us to you ‘Venue’ means any facilities or locations of any nature where the event is being held ‘The Organizer’ means the organizer ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ shall be read accordingly ‘You’ means the seat purchaser or anybody who in our reasonable opinion is acting with your authority or permission ‘Your’ shall be read accordingly


Prices are in JOD Dinar and include taxes Seats are sold based on availability and come with certain terms Read the terms before buying; accepting them is part of the purchase After payment through the website, you will receive a reference number for your seat reservation Please keep it for your records You can't choose your seat during the event Show the valid seat confirmation to enter; it's only valid on the event date Don't alter or damage the seat confirmation Reselling seats is not allowed; we may cancel resold seats Unauthorized use of the website for illegal activities is prohibited No refunds or cancellations after seat purchase ,except in the case of utilizing the cancellation feature, which incurs specified fees Organizer only takes responsibility for seats bought from their sales points Having a seat confirmation doesn't give you rights to use our symbols or trademarks Void seats obtained against terms will be canceled; using them may lead to ejection and legal action Customers confirm they are at least 18 years old and agree to the Terms of Use Pregnant women are not allowed to enter Amman in the Sky unless they provide a personal disclaimer relieving us of all responsibility for any harm that may occur to them or to the fetus

Session Duration:

The entire experience lasts for 45 minutes This includes 10 minutes for belting in, 30 minutes up in the sky, and 5 minutes for unbelting.

Price & Payment:

The seat price is determined at the time we accept your order in JOD Dinar Additional credit/debit card or banking fees may apply per seat for certain performances. 

Changes to Event:

The organizer can delay, cancel, or stop the event due to bad weather, dangerous situations, or other uncontrollable reasons.


If the event is delayed, canceled, or postponed, the Organizer is not responsible for any costs incurred by the customer, such as travel or accommodation Or any financial gains accrued from a contract or business meeting he/she couldn't fulfill due to event delays Decisions on delays or cancellations are beyond the Organizer's control, and no compensation or refunds for incurred costs will be provided Reschedule on the seat reservation will be given only if the Organizer cancels the event

Customers agree that the Organizer is not liable for:

 Delays or non-delivery of seat confirmations Events affected by acts of God, government actions, electronic malfunctions, or conditions beyond the Organizer's control Any consequential damages In no event shall the Organizer be liable for indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary damages, even if foreseeable, and regardless of whether they were advised of the possibility The Organizer's liability will not exceed the price of the purchased seats Cancellation and Reschedule of Event It is your responsibility to confirm that the event has been rescheduled If there's rescheduling, we'll do our best to notify you promptly If you want to reschedule within 24 hours of the original booking, there's a rescheduling fee of 25 JOD Dinar plus 16% VAT If you want to cancel the original booking , there is a cancellation fee of 7 JOD Dinar plus 16% VAT.(this part chosen during the reservation in our website) If you miss your scheduled session but want to reschedule, the rescheduling fee still applies


Conditions of Admission:

 Guests must be at least 130 cm tall to attend the Amman in the Sky event Guests under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old Punctuality is crucial for the Amman  in the Sky JORDAN experience Arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time If you're late and the platform is already lifted, your seat will be automatically canceled without a refund Dress appropriately for the weather At 65 meters high, the wind may be stronger and the temperature lower than usual Once the platform is lifted, it won't be lowered for attire changes The Organizer cannot guarantee dishes will be prepared without common allergens Check the menu on our website before booking Guests with food allergies should inform us during booking or by email/phone The Organizer has the right to refuse your admission for health and safety reasons, licensing issues, or void seats They may also ask you to leave the venue for any reasonable grounds

As an example, the Organizer may remove anyone who:

Behaves in a way that affects others' enjoyment or disturbs the peace Uses threatening, abusive, or insulting behavior Appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs You must follow the Organizer's instructions No refunds will be given if entry is denied due to disruptive behavior You assume all risks associated with the event, including injury or loss Amman in the Sky - JORDAN welcomes disabled individuals but requires advance notice of medical conditions Participation will be assessed for safety Customer health and safety are top priorities

Safety Rules for the event:

The Organizer decides the table height based on safety recommendations In case of bad weather, sessions may be delayed up to 1.5 hours or canceled Refunds are issued if cancellation features are purchased; otherwise, scheduled events are a must To participate, you must be at least 130 cm tall and weigh a maximum of 150 kg Closed-toe shoes are recommended Safety belts must remain fastened throughout the session No throwing objects from the table Smoking is prohibited, and only small items like phones and cameras are allowed at the table Lockers are provided for larger items, but the organizer is not responsible for lost or damaged items Follow staff instructions at all times Touching machinery is prohibited For privacy policy or data concerns, contact info@ammaninthesky.jo

Restrictions and Prohibitions:

 The Organizer can use event photographs/videos without permission for promotional purposes To avoid being photographed, inform the Organizer or by writing a note during the reservation Prohibited items include animals, outside food/drinks, glass containers, weapons, illegal substances, and recording devices Follow staff directions for item searches The Organizer, venue owner, sponsors, and contractors are not liable for any incidents during the event By attending, you agree to assume all risks associated with the event, including injury or loss

Weather Conditions:

 The session may be postponed for up to 90 minutes in case of bad weather, but it won't be canceled, and no refunds will be given The Organizer can cancel the Amman In the Sky experience due to bad weather Those with cancellation feature  will receive a full refund within 21 days, while those without cancellation feature  will receive a voucher of equal value for future use during the event period


 Once purchased, seats cannot be refunded, exchanged, or canceled except if the Organizer cancels the event The appointments will be rescheduled The Organizer can cancel due to bad weather Those with cancellation features  get a full refund within 21 days, while others receive a voucher for future use during the event period

Governing Law:

 The Agreement and these Conditions are governed by JORDANIAN LAW Disputes are to be resolved exclusively by the Courts of JORDAN